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Heartburn For 12 Hours Straight

When Should You Go To The Er For Heartburn

Working on a Game for 12 hours straight

Heartburn is a common health problem for millions of Americans. In fact, the American College of Gastroenterology estimates that more than 60 million people in America have acid reflux at least once during the month, and around 15 million people get it on a daily basis.

It is most common in obese people, the elderly, and pregnant women, although it can affect anyone including children and babies.

In most people, acid reflux is a mild, temporary feeling of discomfort that comes on occasionally after eating a big meal or foods that are rich and spicy. Over the counter medications can help ease the discomfort, and the body usually corrects itself within relatively short order.

Occasionally, however, it can develop into a potentially more serious problem called gastro-esophageal reflux disease, or GERD. People who have GERD generally experience acid reflux more than twice a week. If the condition is allowed to go untreated, it can cause inflammation in the esophagus, leading to a condition known as esophagitis. This is a potentially serious condition that causes difficulty and pain when swallowing. It can also cause a narrowing of the esophagus, bleeding, and can lead to Barretts Esophagus, which is a precancerous condition.

Dietary And Lifestyle Modifications

Although clinical evidence suggests that dietary and lifestyle modifications are usually not sufficient to bring chronic GERD under control, your physician might suggest a number of dietary and lifestyle changes directed at reducing your symptoms, and adhering to these recommendations might provide some relief. The first goal of treatment is to prevent the reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus. Foods that trigger reflux and its symptoms vary from person to person. By paying close attention to your diet and symptoms, you may be able to identify which foods repeatedly contribute to your reflux. Common trigger foods include alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, and some spices. Avoiding large portions at mealtime and eating smaller, more frequent meals might aid in symptom control.

Many overweight individuals find symptom relief when they lose some weight, as excess bulk, especially around the abdomen, might put pressure on the digestive tract, negatively affecting its function. Avoid clothes that fit tightly around the waist, as these also increase abdominal stress.

Smoking cessation is also important for reducing GERD symptoms, as studies point to relaxation of the LES with smoking.

People who have GERD should avoid lying down right after eating and refrain from eating within two to three hours of bedtime.

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Talk To Your Doctor About Finding The Right Medication

Certain medications can help keep your reflux symptoms to a minimum and prevent you from waking up with heartburn in the morning. However, as with any medication, there can be side effects, so its always a good idea to talk with your doctor before using anything to treat your symptoms, especially if you already use other medications.

In general, there are three kinds of medicine that are used to cut down on heartburn and reflux:

  • Antacids: These often come in the form of chewable tablets that neutralize the acid in your stomach, and are best suited for calming symptoms as needed.
  • H-2 Blockers: This type of medication slows the production of stomach acid, providing relief over a longer period rather than immediate symptom reduction.
  • Proton pump inhibitors: PPIs are also used to reduce the production of stomach acid.

If you deal with frequent heartburn and acid reflux, you may be suffering from GERD. Before starting any kind of medication, be sure to talk to your doctor to decide what course of action might be best for you. Because medications can come with troubling side effects, it is also worth it to consider less invasive forms of relieving symptoms often, they can even be more effective.

Don’t Let Heartburn Ruin Your Holiday Feast

Prilosec OTC Frequent Heartburn Medicine and Acid Reflux ...
  • Robert Preidt

    SATURDAY, Dec. 18, 2021 — Like Mr. Grinch, heartburn can crush your holiday, but there are easy ways to prevent it.

    “Heartburn is caused by acidic stomach content moving into the esophagus, or gullet, which is much less resistant to acid,” said Dr. James East, a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London. “This results in irritation and damage to the lining of the esophagus, literally a burn, that causes pain.”

    Some holiday favorites can be culprits. Eating large, fatty, greasy or spicy meals can trigger heartburn, as can onions, citrus fruits, tomato-based foods, and even chocolate and peppermint. Alcohol, fizzy beverages and caffeine can bring on heartburn, too.

    Chronic heartburn is known as GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

    So how can you avoid it and still enjoy your holiday celebration?

    Taking antacids or even acid-suppressing drugs before eating can reduce heartburn symptoms, East said. But, he warned, don’t use them to overindulge.

    While these medications lower acid, they don’t stop the regurgitation that can accompany reflux, so overeating can still lead to uncomfortable symptoms, East said.

    “Moderation in both food and alcohol, and enjoying the range of dishes available from your host is a better strategy than additional medication,” he said in a Mayo Clinic news release.

    Reducing anxiety and stress might also help.

    Techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy or hypnotherapy can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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    Avoiding Indigestion And Heartburn

    If your symptoms are mild, it’s possible that changes to your diet or lifestyle may help prevent indigestion and heartburn. You could try:

    • eating smaller meals, more often
    • avoiding eating just before bed
    • avoiding foods and drinks that you suspect give you heartburn
    • not drinking a lot of coffee at the end of the day
    • avoiding eating and drinking at the same time, which can make your stomach more full
    • sitting up straight while eating, and not lying down after a meal
    • chewing gum, which may cause you to produce more saliva to help neutralise the acid
    • stop smoking
    • raise the head of your bed by 10 to 15cm
    • sleep on your left side

    If your indigestion is not helped by diet and lifestyle changes, or your symptoms are more severe, your doctor or midwife may suggest that you take a medicine for indigestion that is safe to use during pregnancy. Medicines can neutralise the acid in your stomach, reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach and stop the acid rising into your oesophagus.

    Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

    Brown says it’s important to talk to your primary care doctor if you’ve been experiencing recurring acid reflux or are treating yourself for heartburn with over-the-counter medications or a prescription from another doctor. You’ll also want to visit your doctor if you experience any of the following:

    • Trouble swallowing
    • Anemia
    • Blood in your stool or vomit, which indicates bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract

    “These are important symptoms to watch out for, because you can have Barrett’s esophagus without experiencing heartburn,” says Brown.

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    Don’t Lie Flat When You Sleep

    When you lie flat your stomach contents press against the LES. Keeping your head higher than your stomach helps reduce this pressure.

    You can elevate your head in a couple of ways:

    • Place bricks, blocks, or something sturdy and secure under the legs at the head of your bed.
    • Use a wedge-shaped GERD pillow under your head and shoulders.

    Heartburn Is Common But It Can Also Be Quite Serious


    Heartburn is the burning feeling you get in your chest when food in your stomach backs up into your esophagus. Unfortunately, heartburn is extremely common, with an estimated 60 million Americans experiencing heartburn at least once a month. Nearly 15 million Americans experience heartburn every day.

    When you feel heartburn, it means you have gastroesophageal reflux. The reflux is acidic stomach juice thats flowing back up into your esophagus. It irritates the delicate lining of your esophagus and can be painful. The acid reflux backs up into your neck and throat. Frequent acid reflux is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease .

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    What Exactly Is Heartburn Anyway

    Heartburnor gastroesophageal reflux or acid refluxis a painful burning feeling in your chest or your throat, according to the US National Library of Medicine .

    Basically, heartburn happens when your esophagus relaxes too much and stomach acid comes back up into your esophagus, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases . It can be managed by making changes to your diet, like cutting back on coffee and alcohol, or through medications.

    Having heartburn every once in a while, like after a spicy meal or taking a nap too soon after eating, is normal but if it occurs more than twice a week for more than a few weeks, it’s time to see a doctorin that case, you could have gastroesophageal reflux disease , a chronic, sometimes damaging form of heartburn.

    But GERD isn’t the only issue that is related to heartburn. Many other conditionssome even life-threateningcan mimic the feeling of heartburn. Here, nine other conditions that heartburn could be masquerading asand when to see your doctor about it.

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    Signs You Should See The Doctor For Your Heartburn

    There’s nothing pleasant about heartburn, which manifests itself as burning pain in the chest. Even a written description of why heartburn occurs is unpleasant: It happens when stomach acid is regurgitated back up through the upper body thanks to an esophageal sphincter not closing at the right time. To many of us, heartburn seems like just another unpleasant thing to endure, much like taxes, rush hour traffic and the contents of a baby’s diaper. For this reason, heartburn is often considered the Rodney Dangerfield of conditions, because it gets no respect. Most people don’t take it seriously enough to put down the over-the-counter medications and speak to their doctor about it. So when should you bite the bullet and make an appointment with your doctor?

    When To Call The Doctor About Heartburn Or Reflux

    Prilosec OTC Frequent Heartburn Medicine and Acid Reflux ...

    If you have any of the following heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms or conditions, contact your doctor.

    • Your heartburn symptoms have become more severe or frequent.
    • You are having difficulty swallowing or pain when swallowing, especially with solid foods or pills.
    • Your heartburn is causing you to have nausea or vomiting .
    • You’ve experienced a drastic or unexplained weight loss accompanied by heartburn.
    • You have a chronic cough, choking sensation or sense of a lump in your throat.
    • You have been using over-the-counter antacid medications for more than two weeks , and you still have heartburn symptoms.
    • You have heartburn symptoms even after taking prescription or nonprescription medications.
    • You have chronic hoarseness or wheezing, or your asthma has worsened.
    • Your discomfort interferes with your lifestyle or daily activities.
    • You are having chest pain accompanied by pain in the neck, jaw, arms, or legs shortness of breath, weakness, irregular pulse, or sweating.

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    If I Have Heartburn Should I See My Health Care Professional

    That depends. If a person has heartburn more than three times a week for at least two weeks, he or she should see a health care professional. On the other hand, if a person only has occasional bouts of heartburn, he or she may find that taking nonprescription antacids and making some simple changes in lifestyle can resolve the heartburn. If these measures do not help, then a visit to a health care professional is warranted.

    If a person has any of these symptoms, with or without heartburn, call a doctor or go to a hospital emergency department right away:

    • Throwing up blood or passing blood in bowel movements
    • Severe pain, dizziness, or lightheadedness
    • Difficulty swallowing

    With proper understanding of the condition and treatment, relief can be attained.

    When I have chest pain, how can I tell whether it is my heart or just heartburn?

    Sometimes a person can’t tell the difference. Just like chest pain from the heart, heartburn sometimes spreads from the chest to the jaw, shoulders, arms, or back. If a person has chest pain for any reason, seek medical care immediately.


    Are There Any Tests For Heartburn

    If it is obvious from the symptoms that a person has heartburn, no tests or exams may be necessary. Advice in regard to lifestyle modifications, diet, or medications may begin immediately.

    If your health care professional is not sure about the diagnosis, or if he or she is concerned about damage done by chronic heartburn, tests may be ordered. This is true especially if the patient has already been prescribed medications that are not relieving the heartburn.

    There is no simple blood test for heartburn. The tests used to diagnose heartburn include the following:

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    Sleep On An Incline And On Your Side

    When you sleep on an incline, theres a drastic reduction in acid exposure and acid clearance time . And when you sleep on your side, relief comes more quickly than sleeping on your stomach or back. Sleeping on your left side means fewer reflux episodes, while sleeping on your right side allows your stomach to empty more quickly: this is why many people choose to use a specialized acid reflux pillow.

    Currently, the only sleep system that keeps you comfortably on an incline and on your side is a heartburn pillow from MedCline. With its 3-part construction, youll rest in the best sleeping position for reflux that helps alleviate the worst symptoms. Your esophagus will have some time to heal and youll have better rest without experiencing reflux disturbances or heartburn in the morning.

    Keep in mind that some incline products like wedge pillows and bed risers only prop you up at an angle without securing you on your side. If you roll onto your back, youre not optimally positioned for reflux relief. Or, if you slide down the bed or off the pillow, you wont have the benefit of gravity to help reduce acid exposure.

    Is Your Pain Accompanied By A Runny Nose Coughing Sore Throat And Fever

    Practicing piano for 12 hours straight…

    Acute bronchitis can make your chest ache, a pain that worsens if you have a hacking cough. The condition occurs when your bronchial tubes become inflamed. Mucus builds up, leading to shortness of breath and feeling like you have a cold.

    Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and ask you to rest and drink plenty of liquids to thin the mucus and keep your bronchial tubes lubricated. If symptoms continue longer than 10 days, consider getting a chest X-ray to determine whether your condition has turned into pneumonia or if there is another culprit causing your pain.

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    How To Identify Heartburn

    Heartburn has nothing to do with your heart. Its a condition that occurs in the esophagus when a small amount of stomach acid escapes your stomach and sits in your lower esophagus. The acids create an uncomfortable burning sensation that, because of its location near the heart, has been given the name heartburn.

    Mild heartburn can pop up on occasion for a variety of reasons, but sometimes it can hinder your regular daily activity. If it gets that intense, or it seems like it wont go away or is consistent over many days, it is important to have it checked.

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