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How To Prevent Heartburn At Night

What Foods Get Rid Of Heartburn

How to Prevent Acid Reflux Naturally At Night

Eating certain foods can also help relieve heartburn symptoms.

8. Drink ginger tea

Ginger is an ancient remedy used for the digestive system. It can help relieve irritation and inflammation in your esophagus and digestive tract.

9. Eat fennel

Fennel is another soothing digestive remedy. Try grilling this low-acid vegetable as a hot vegetable dish, or drink fennel tea.

10. Eat mild vegetables

Mild vegetables like lettuce, celery, cucumbers, and sweet peppers are gentle on the stomach and dont cause gas. Less belching can help relieve heartburn symptoms.

11. Enjoy melons

If citrus fruits make your heartburn worse, try swapping them for melons. Theyre low in acid and a healthy option.

12. Try oatmeal

Whole grains like oatmeal are high in fiber, which makes you feel full for longer. You might be less likely to overeat, which can ease heartburn.

Marshmallow Can Heal Heartburn

The very popular herb marshmallow contains a mucilage property that helps coat your esophagus and stomach lining. This creates a protective barrier against stomach acid and you get rid of heartburn. What more, marshmallow can even repair the damage done to your food pipe and stomach lining by excessive acid.Make Marshmallow Infusion for Heartburn

Get this:

  • In the morning, drink this thick herbal infusion which would taste bitter-sweet.

Precaution: If you are taking some medication, consult your doctor before using any herb.

Make Lunch Your Biggest Meal Of The Day

Eating a big meal can put pressure on your stomach and allow acid to travel back up into your esophagusand that will only be compounded if you lie down soon afterward. To prevent a major case of acid reflux at night, Huber recommends eating a heavier lunch and a lighter dinner. I’ve started to spend a few hours on Sunday meal prep so that I can get more substantial lunches ready for the week.

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Make Ginger Tea To Relieve Heartburn

If you want to get rid of nausea accompanying your heartburn, just make a cup of fresh ginger root tea that will soothe your stomach and give you the much-wanted comfort. If nausea and heartburn become a regular feature of your life, you may also consider having a cup of fresh ginger tea before your meals. This helps your stomach in settling down as ginger acts as an acid buffer.

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Bring Lifestyle Changes To Get Rid Of Heartburn

2 Positions You Should Avoid to Prevent Nighttime ...

Wrong eating habits and certain other habits make it difficult for your body to digest food properly. There are some other lifestyle habits that lead to heartburn and you need to change them. Here is a list of such lifestyle changes that you must adopt if you want to get rid of heartburn.

  • Drink lots of water during the day. It is good for proper digestion. Water dilutes gastric juices and helps you avoid build-up of excessive stomach acid.
  • Always eat smaller meals so that you do not put pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter.
  • Also, have smaller bites while eating slowly. This lets your stomach work properly to digest the food you eat.
  • Dont go to sleep just after having your meal. Sleep after 2-3 hours of your dinner. This time is for your food to get digested so that you do not experience nighttime heartburn.
  • Lose weight if you are overweight. Extra body weight puts pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter which eventually loosens and becomes weak giving you heartburn every now and then.
  • Quit smoking as it also makes your lower esophageal sphincter.
  • Drink less alcohol for the same reason.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Very tight jeans or belts, for example, will put undue pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter. This may trigger acid reflux.
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    Natural Remedies For Heartburn At Night

    The only two clinically validated natural remedies for GERD are weight loss and sleep positioning. Though weight loss can be effective, it is often a longer-term solution that, depending on how much weight you need to lose, can take months before relief is felt. Sleep positioning, on the other hand, can make a huge difference for those suffering from nighttime GERD and relief can be often experienced almost immediately.

    Prop The Head Of Your Bed Up

    Raising the head of the bed can help keep stomach acids from traveling up the esophagus. While you may be tempted just to use a couple of extra pillows, this will not necessarily do the trick.

    Raise the head of the bed by either putting something under the legs to literally raise the bed off the ground or by putting a couple of pillows under the mattress to lift the mattress off the frame.

    If you share a bed with someone who is not keen on these ideas, you can purchase a pillow wedge. This triangle-shaped pillow will prop up only one side of the bed and serves a similar function as raising the bed itself.

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    Why Does The Sphincter Weaken

    Various factors may make the lower esophageal sphincter weaker or cause it to relax at times when it should stay closed.

    According to the

    According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology , a person can ease acid reflux they experience when trying to sleep by:

    • elevating the head of the bed 6â8 inches
    • avoiding lying down 2â3 hours after a meal
    • eating smaller meals more frequently and not eating heavy meals before bedtime

    The side of the body on which a person sleeps may also make a difference. A found sleeping on the left side alleviates acid reflux.

    Big Meals And Eating Certain Foods

    9 Tips To Stop Your Acid Reflux At Night While Sleeping

    The occasional episode of acid reflux may also just be the result of a little more acid production than usual perhaps brought on by a particularly large meal or your sensitivity to certain foods.

    And if you lie down before all your food is digested, you run the risk of having some of that excess acid leak through the sphincter.

    Regardless of the cause of your acid reflux, lying down whether its at night or during the day is bound to worsen symptoms and prolong the time it will take your body to digest your food completely.

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    My Choice Experience Desired Solution For Elevation Therapy

    I used the MedCline when I had GERD . I didnt buy the Reflux Guard. My wife doesnt have acid reflux issues and doesnt like sleeping on an incline. So the Reflux Guard was out. I prefer the Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed, my wife likes this idea too, for her back, but the cost Yep, its expensive. Expensive but worth it according to many people who have chronic acid reflux or worse.

    Weigh your options and speak with your health professionals. They help steer you to your best choice.

    How To Manage The Acid Reflux

    According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology , a person can ease acid reflux they experience when trying to sleep by:

    • elevating the head of the bed 68 inches
    • avoiding lying down 23 hours after a meal
    • eating smaller meals more frequently and not eating heavy meals before bedtime

    The side of the body on which a person sleeps may also make a difference. A 2015 studyTrusted Source found sleeping on the left side alleviates acid reflux.

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    Tips To Avoid Heartburn At Night

    Do you go to bed feeling good, only to wake up a couple of hours later with terrible heartburn? If heartburn is keeping you up at night, its time to take some action. The best thing you can do arm yourself with the right knowledge to keep acid reflux symptoms at bay and get a restful nights sleep.

    Best Sleep Position For Acid Reflux: Incline + Left

    2 Positions You Should Avoid to Prevent Nighttime ...

    So, what if you take the best flat sleeping position, aka the left side, and add an incline? Could the benefits be more than the sum of its parts?

    Recent studies show that this is indeed the case 9,10. The compound inclined, left-side sleeping position makes acid reflux at night virtually impossible because your esophagus is now positioned well above the level of stomach contents, even if your stomach is full. And, if you do reflux, gravity is able to quickly return the contents to your stomach. Whew. This ideal sleep position provides a double whammy of decreasing your GERD symptoms and providing protection from prolonged acid exposure to your esophagus, throat, lungs, and sinuses.

    So, whats the secret to controlling your acid reflux symptoms at night and finally getting good, quality sleep? Proper sleep positioning. Discover relief with the ideal position that maximizes the power of gravity and anatomy. Discover the MedCline Reflux Relief System, specifically designed to create and maintain the inclined, left-side position, clinically proven to be the most effective for natural relief from nighttime acid reflux or GERD.

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    Tip #: Elevate Your Head While You Sleep

    As we mentioned, lying down can make acid reflux and heartburn worse, so try propping your head up with a pillow while you sleep to make it harder for stomach acid to travel up.

    Heartburn and sleep dont have to go hand in hand. Try making some lifestyle and diet changes to ensure you get the good nights sleep you need. If you continue to experience chronic acid reflux and nighttime heartburn, you can schedule an appointment to see a heartburn specialist at Tampa Bay Reflux Center, who can determine whether or not you have gastroesophageal reflux disease , which is a chronic form of acid reflux.

    Human Anatomy And Acid Reflux

    When you swallow, the contents travel down your esophagus to your stomach. Between your esophagus and stomach is a ring of muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter . When the LES operates properly, it opens when you swallow to let food into the stomach and then closes to keep your stomach contents in the stomach. The LES needs to maintain a tight closure to keep acid reflux from occurring.

    Acid reflux occurs when the closer of the LES is weakened in some way. Certain food and drink, overeating, medications, and body positions are a few things that can weaken the LES closure. We have a list of acid reflux causes in the section above.

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    How To Relieve Heartburn At Night

    Waking up with heartburn in the middle of the night? Youre not alone. Studies show about 20 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from heartburn at least once a week, and among those, 75 percent experience heartburn at night. The discomfort of having heartburn at night often results in problems falling or staying asleep. Learn about the possible causes and treatment options for heartburn.

    Flat Sleep Positions To Avoid For Preventing Acid Reflux At Night

    Method to prevent acid reflux, seizures, and obstruction apnea at night

    Human anatomy and gravity play a great role in acid reflux frequency, the episodes length, and the severity of symptoms.

    Most people sleep flat as opposed to an incline so lets look at these sleep positions.

    #1 Sleep Position to Avoid for Preventing Acid Reflux at Night

    The worst position for acid reflux is sleeping flat on your stomach.

    In this position, acid can flow freely into the esophagus when the LES closure is weakened which is likely due to pressure on the stomach.

    Pressure on the abdomen increases pressure on the LES causing stomach contents to reflux.

    Do not sleep on your stomach if youre prone to acid reflux.

    #2 Sleep Position to Avoid for Preventing Acid Reflux at Night

    The second worst position for acid reflux is to sleep flat on your back.

    Acid reflux frequency and duration is great for back sleepers.4 In this position, stomach contents can flow freely into the esophagus.

    To reduce chances of heartburn at night and decrease the likelihood of damage from prolonged exposure to acid, avoid sleeping flat on your back especially if youre overweight. The pressure on your stomach can cause acid to reflux into your esophagus.

    #3 Sleep Position to Avoid for Preventing Acid Reflux at Night

    The third worst position for nighttime acid reflux is sleeping flat on your right side.

    When sleeping flat on your right side:

    Avoid lying flat on your right side if you have heartburn at night.

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    Back Sleeping: Avoid Whenever Possible

    What may be the best sleeping position for some could actually aggravate GERD symptoms. Back sleeping is the worst for those with acid reflux at night. When acid escapes from your stomach and you are sleeping flat on your back, it is able to flow freely into your esophagus and beyondand stay there. Studies show that in this position, symptoms are often more frequent and tend to last longer 3 because the acid has nowhere to go. The severity of your symptoms may also increase if you have stomach fat, which pushes down on your stomach forcing contents to escape. Back sleeping should be the #1 position to avoid at night, if you suffer from nighttime acid reflux.

    Like what

    Learn more about your own sleep and getpersonalized advice using the SleepScore app.

    What Can You Do To Prevent Heartburn

    There are several steps you can take to prevent heartburn before asking your doctor for prescription medication. New studies on Proton Pump Inhibitors are finding a link to serious health risks. While PPIs reduce the number of stomach acids being produced, there are benefits to having stomach acids for a healthy immune system. Additionally, the side effects of PPIs have been linked to cardiac events from prolonged use. Be sure to always weigh the gain versus the risk with your doctor.

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    Why Do You Get Reflux More At Night

    You may experience more reflux at night than during the day. The reason for this is gravity. When you sit or stand, gravity helps move the food through your esophagus and into the stomach. When youâre laying down, you lose the effect of gravity on the food traveling through your digestive system. Laying down also prevents gravity from keeping bile and acids from traveling up into the esophagus, causing heartburn. Because of this, many people find their heartburn is worse at night.

    When Should You Talk To Your Doctor About Heartburn

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    Have a conversation with your doctor as soon as you start noticing heartburn symptoms that recur often, since they may indicate youre experiencing GERD or another disorder. If youre unable to manage your symptoms with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter medication, talk to your doctor about the next steps. If you are experiencing pain in your chest, seek medical intervention immediately to rule out any other illnesses.

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    Dr Zoe Explains The Causes And Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

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    Acid reflux, otherwise known as heartburn or GERD, is a deeply uncomfortable condition. While most cases wont require medical attention, chronic or singular cases can still produce significant discomfort and can last for hours. Reflux has a nasty habit of appearing at night, and can disrupt what would otherwise have been pleasant rest.

    How To Prevent Acid Reflux At Night Advice And Guidance

    For some people who suffer with acid reflux they may only experience symptoms at night or maybe their symptoms are simply worsened when sleeping. To help you understand why exactly this is the case let me explain further. If you suffer from acid reflux whether that is GERD or LPR the most common cause is related to the valve above the stomach which is called the lower esophageal sphincter .

    When the LES opens up this allows the acid to reflux up the esophagus and for someone with LPR it can even reach their throat. The problem when you sleep and lay down is that there is more pressure on this LES muscle which often makes the muscle relax more and causes it to open therefore allowing the acid to reflux up. For further reading the LESs important role in acid reflux.

    Luckily there are a host of things that you can do which should help with preventing reflux anytime you are sleeping or laying down. I will cover each of the points below.

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    What Are The Best Sleeping Positions For Heartburn

    Sleeping on your left side may reduce your heartburn symptoms because it relieves the pressure on your stomach and allows for food to move to the lower part of the stomach. Conversely, some research suggests that lying on your right side aggravates heartburn and GERD .

    Sleeping with the head of your bed elevated is another good way for people with heartburn to slip into a restful slumber. Heartburn is a result of the stomach contents coming back up into the esophagus, so utilizing gravity by elevating the head and upper body helps keep your stomach contents where they should be. You can purchase wedge pillows that keep you propped up all night, thus reducing heartburn.

    Additionally, you can opt to raise the top two posts of your bed frame to elevate your upper body when you sleep. Bed raisers are available online and come in different heights to fit your preference. Just make sure that if your bed frame does not have a sturdy footboard, you secure your mattress to prevent it from slipping.


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