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What Is The Purple Pill For Heartburn

Treating Heartburn And Gerd

Heartburn: What Works Best? | Consumer Reports

Heartburn is a feeling of burning pain in your lower chest, behind the breastbone. It comes from acid backing up from your stomach to your throat. You may have seen ads for heartburn drugs, such as Nexium, Prilosec or Prevacid. These drugs are called PPIs . They keep the stomach from making too much acid. They have been shown to heal irritation of the tube between the throat and the stomach .

In most cases, you dont need a PPI for heartburn. You can get relief from a less powerful drug. And when you do need a PPI, you should take the lowest dose for as short a time as possible. Heres why:

Important Safety Informationnexium Capsules And Delayed

  • Symptom relief does not rule out the presence of other serious conditions. Talk with your doctor
  • Talk to your doctor about serious side effects, including:
  • Kidney problems may happen at any time during treatment with NEXIUM. Call your doctor if you have a decrease in the amount that you urinate or if you have blood in your urine
  • NEXIUM may increase your risk of getting severe diarrhea. Call your doctor right away if you have watery stool, stomach pain or fever that does not go away
  • NEXIUM may increase the risk of bone fractures of the hip, wrist, or spine if you take multiple daily doses for a year or longer
  • Some people who take proton pump inhibitors , including NEXIUM, develop certain types of lupus erythematosus or have worsening of the lupus they already have. Call your doctor right away if you have joint pain or rash on your cheeks or arms that gets worse in the sun
  • Low vitamin B12 if you have been on NEXIUM for a long time
  • Low magnesium levels if you take NEXIUM
  • Stomach growths , especially if you take PPIs for more than 1 year
  • Tell your doctor if you have low magnesium levels in your blood, have liver problems, or if you are or planning to be pregnant or breastfeed
  • Do not take NEXIUM if you are taking a medicine that contains rilpivirine used to treat HIV-1
  • Do not take NEXIUM if you are allergic to esomeprazole magnesium or any of the ingredients in NEXIUM, or are allergic to any other PPI
  • Approved Uses for NEXIUM

    Heartburn Gerd And The Purple Pill


    Of all the ridiculous ads on TV, the purple pill stands out. Old-fashioned heartburn is now called gastroesophageal reflux disease for which the ”purple pill” is pushed like religion.

    As you undoubtedly know, all drugs have complications called ”side effects. Folks, those are EFFECTS, if they happen to you! Here are a few of those for Nexium:

    Arthritis aggravated, liver troubles every imaginable stomach-intestinal disorder from hemorrhage to diarrhea to ulceration of the stomach weight gain high blood/urine sugar fibromyalgia nervousness migraine tremor dizziness confusion depression sinusitis hives loss of taste fungal infections many bladder/urinary problems B 12 deficiency, etc, etc, etc. Indeed, I would expect all patients taking this drug eventually to develop all the problems associated with B 12 deficiency. The bottom line is DON’T TAKE IT!

    Incidentally, despite some fears about the development of esophageal cancer in patients with chronic esophageal reflux, the latest statistics following 66,965 patients with this diagnosis, there was no evidence to support an increased risk of esophageal cancer.

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    Side Effects & Alternatives

    Because the enzyme system blocked by PPIs is a natural and valuable part of the digestive symptom, long-term PPI use can cause some incredibly unhealthy – and sometimes dangerous – side effects. Some of these side effects include osteoporosis, vitamin B12 deficiency, colitis, PPI-associated pneumonia, dementia, and chronic kidney disease.

    PPIs are a band-aid solution, and there are other more effective forms of GERD treatment that will eliminate the condition completely rather than simply minimize the symptoms. The highly trained reflux doctors at the Tampa Bay Reflux Center are up to date on all the latest advances in reflux management and treatment, and they offer three cutting-edge surgical procedures that address the root causes of GERD rather than just the symptoms. To learn more about their procedures and information regarding GERD, schedule an appointment at Tampa Bay Reflux Center here.

    Maker Of Generic Version Of Nexium Goes Blue To Settle Litigation

    Direction With Purpose: Stress/Acid reflux/The Purple Pill!!

    Dr. Reddys Laboratories is feeling blue over a purple pill.

    The generic drug maker last week agreed to change the color of its new version of the Nexium heartburn medicine from purple to blue in order to settle a lawsuit that was filed by AstraZeneca.

    For more than two decades, AstraZeneca has capitalized on a marketing campaign that labeled its two widely prescribed heartburn drugs first, Prilosec and then Nexium as the Purple Pill. But after Dr. Reddys last September began selling a lower-cost generic version, which resembled the brand-name drug, AstraZeneca claimed the Indian drug maker was ripping off its trademark look.

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    What Are The Options

    Before relying on PPIs to prevent or lessen GERD symptoms, Dr. Chan says, people should make lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, avoiding foods that trigger or aggravate symptoms, refrain from smoking and minimize alcohol intake. Other lifestyle changes include these simple strategies:

    • Dont lie down for two to three hours after eating.
    • Eat smaller and more frequent meals instead of a few large meals.
    • For pain relief, avoid aspirin, Advil or Motrin , Aleve or Naprosyn . Take Tylenol instead.
    • Drink plenty of water when you take any medicine. If you are prescribed a new medicine, ask your doctor if it will worsen your acid reflux symptoms.
    • Use an extra pillow or two to elevate your head in bed, or raise the head of your bed by about six inches by placing wood or cement blocks under the legs at the head of the bed. Plastic risers are also available online and are typically advertised as a way to increase storage space under your bed. Be sure to look for sturdy risers that can support your weight and your beds weight.
    • Avoid tight waistbands, belts and other clothing that fits snugly around your waist.

    Sometimes there isnt any other option than to take these medications, says Dr. Chan, noting that the best candidates for PPI therapy are patients who have adjusted their lifestyles but continue to experience GERD symptoms on a regular basis.

    Did you find this article helpful?

    The Nations Most Prescribed Acid Blocker Brand Is Now Available Without A Prescription At Retailers Nationwide

    Pfizer Inc. today announced the introduction in the U.S. of over-the-counter Nexium®24HR, making The Purple Pill® available for the treatment of frequent heartburn in adults . Heartburn affects more than 60 million men and women in the United States at least once a month with 15 million Americans suffering from it daily.1

    Pfizer acquired exclusive global OTC rights to NEXIUM®, one of the largest selling prescription brands in the U.S., from AstraZeneca in August 2012. Nexium 24HR was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on March 28, and received three year market exclusivity. Switching medicines from prescription to non-prescription status improves consumer access to affordable healthcare options, empowers people to take charge of their health, and is an important strategy for Pfizer. The launch of Nexium 24HR makes Pfizer a leading player in all four of the largest OTC categories pain management, dietary supplements, respiratory and, now, digestive.

    The addition of Nexium 24HR to our portfolio enhances our ability to help consumers better manage their health, said Paul Sturman, President and General Manager, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. Nexium 24HR creates a new option for treating frequent heartburn with the confidence of a brand that consumers and healthcare providers know and trust. The OTC availability of Nexium 24HR in the U.S. marks the first step in our efforts to build a strong, global position in digestive health with this powerful brand.

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    Purple Pills Giving Heartburn To Drreddy Laboratories

    Co-authored by Ms. Shristi Bansal, LexOrbis Associate and Mr. Mayank Jain, Fifth Year student of IP University, Delhi.

    Pharma giants are often pitted against one another for various intellectual property controversies. This time, there has been a trademark dispute over color. Indian Pharma giant Dr. Reddys Laboratories has been temporarily prohibited from selling a generic version of the Nexium, a purple coloured gastronomical pill manufactured by the UK based AstraZeneca PLC.

    In a lawsuitfiled before the Delaware Court, AstraZeneca alleged trademark infringement of their pill Nexium, used for heartburns and acid reflux. It was contended that Dr. Reddys generic version of the same is likely to create confusion amongst consumer due to the identical purple colour of the pills. AstraZeneca asserted that the colour purple has been extensively used to promote its pills via means like advertisements, radio and other consumer publications. As a result of such widespread promotions, the general public associates purple pills to AstraZeneca. Further, the pill was protected by three federal trademarks, including trademark over the phrase The Purple Pill

    The Court, while discussing the concept oflikelihood of confusion laid down the following as important factors:

    The Court, after giving weightage to the totality of circumstances, including the appearance of the pills granted an injunction against Dr.Reddy.

    Nexium 24hr Stops Acid Before It Starts

    Can A Little Purple Pill Heal Your Heartburn?

    Predict Heartburn Triggers

    Heartburn is the burning sensation you feel when stomach acid flows up into the esophagus. Certain foods, such as high-fat foods, spicy foods, acidic fruits, chocolate, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and soda, as well as too much stress, are known to trigger heartburn.

    Take Control of Symptoms

    Nexium 24HR is indicated for the treatment of frequent heartburn . With a once daily dose, Nexium gives you 24-hour relief from frequent heartburn caused by acid reflux. Itâs simple to use. Just take one pill before eating in the morning .

    Enjoy Lifeâs Little Moments

    What can you imagine â waking up refreshed, trying new food on vacation, chocolate cake for two? Just one pill a day offers all-day, all-night protection and reduces sleep interruptions from frequent heartburn . Get frequent heartburn off your mind, and live your life to the fullest.

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    Nexium 24hr Clearminis Review Summary

    You can learn more about the Nexium Clear Minis 24 hour Frequent Heartburn Relief Capsules, read about how their product can help with your frequent heart burn, and place an order for this product at their website at

    Though we have not tried or used this product yet, we will update our information with new comments below as time goes on and more details become available.

    In the mean time, you can find detailed product information, coupons to apply towards your purchase, and more information on the product on the website to give you an idea of the experience you may have with this product.

    How To Use Nexium Capsuledelayed Release

    Read the Medication Guide and the Patient Information Leaflet if available from your pharmacist before you start taking esomeprazole and each time you get a refill. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    Take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctor, usually once daily, at least 1 hour before a meal. If you are self-treating, follow all directions on the product package. The dosage and length of treatment are based on your medical condition and response to treatment. Do not increase your dose or take this drug more often than directed. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    Do not crush or chew this medication. Swallow the capsules whole. If you have difficulty swallowing this medication whole, you may open the capsule and sprinkle the contents into a tablespoon of unheated applesauce. Swallow the applesauce mixture right away without chewing it. Do not prepare the mixture ahead of time for later use. Doing so may destroy the drug.

    If needed, antacids may be taken along with this medication. If you are also taking sucralfate, take esomeprazole at least 30 minutes before sucralfate.

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    Linx Reflux Management System Vs The Purple Pill

    A new procedure called the LINX Reflux Management System is also available that has similar results as the Nissen but without the side effects. Not every patient with GERD are candidates for this procedure but it appears to be the best option available for many patient with GERD. The Heartburn Treatment center has been select as one of the first Centers nationally to offer this treatment option.

    There are several options for GERD treatment that all sufferers should be made aware of. For many, these may be the best choice.

    So remember, the purple pill is not the only option in treating GERD!

    Today, make that decision to contact Dr. Nilesh Patel. Register for your FREE Seminar at one of our GERD treatment centers. If you would like to speak to someone about GERD and its causes, symptoms or treatments please fill out our online contact us form.

    Purple Pill was last modified: August 30th, 2013 by Heartburn Center of South Texas

    Ppis Can Change The Way Other Drugs Work

    Drugs Like Prilosec &  Nexium May Damage Arteries

    PPIs interact with some common prescription drugs. For example, some PPIs can reduce the blood-thinning effect of the drug Plavix , according to the US Food and Drug Administration. This can increase the risk of heart attack and even death. If you take Plavix, talk to your doctor about whether you should take a PPI.

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    When Should You Consider A Ppi

    Talk to your doctor if you have symptoms such as trouble swallowing, weight loss, or chest pain. Call the doctor if you dont get better in about two weeks. The doctor will look for signs of problems such as GERD .

    If you have GERD, you probably need a PPI. Talk to your doctor if:

    • You have heartburn at least twice a week for several weeks.
    • Food or acid often come back up into your throat.
    • You take antacid or H2 blockers, and you make changes like the ones described on this page, but your heartburn does not go away.

    If your doctor thinks you need a PPI:

    • Ask to start with a low dose of generic prescription lansoprazole or omeprazole. You can also get these medicines over the counter.
    • If the heartburn gets better after a few weeks, talk to your doctor about gradually lowering your dose.

    This report is for you to use when talking with your healthcare provider. It is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. Use of this report is at your own risk.


    Overuse Of The Antacid May Lead To Trouble For Heart Kidney And Brain Says Research Paper

    Proton Pump Inhibitors , commonly known as the Purple Pill, which people pop routinely to get rid of their heartburn, could, if taken over long term, lead to some serious health risks.

    In the US and some countries, these wonder drugs are available as OTC drugs for treating gastric acid reflux diseases . These drugs are also prescribed for long-term use in our country. The US Food and Drug Administration recommended use of these drugs for 4-8 weeks only.

    Now, fresh evidence is emerging that their overuse could lead to trouble for the heart, kidney and brain. Flagging this lurking danger signal is June 10 paper published in the Circulation Research, an American Heart Association Journal.

    Chronic use has been found to impact in two ways. First, they can accelerate the aging of the endothelial cells , which plays a key role in the maintenance of blood vessels. Damage of endothelial cells leads to various vascular problems, including hypertension , coronary heart diseases , diabetes, high blood cholesterol, kidney failure, dementia and many more problems.

    Second is the shortening of Telomeres . Maintaining normal telomeres is important for good health.

    $13-billion market

    The preliminary studies in labs have generated excitement in scientific and medical circles. However, the next step is to see if similar damage occurs in patients in human trials. When taken for the prescribed duration, they dont seem to have adverse effects.

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    Drop Just A Few Pounds

    Research shows that overweight and obese people are more likely to suffer from GERD, so losing even a few pounds can make a difference. Consider a diet emphasizing whole plant foods to maximize quality of your diet and nutrient density while decreasing overall caloric intake, which helps promote easy weight management, says , author of The Vegiterranean Diet. Most people know what triggers their own heartburn. It sounds simplistic, but dont eat those foods.

    How Should This Medicine Be Used

    Heartburn: What Works Best?

    Prescription esomeprazole comes as a delayed-release capsule to take by mouth or to open, mix with water, and give through a feeding tube, and as packets of delayed-release granules for suspension to take by mouth or give through a feeding tube. Nonprescription esomeprazole comes as a delayed-release capsule and tablet to take by mouth. Prescription esomeprazole is usually taken once a day at least 1 hour before a meal. When prescription esomeprazole is used to treat certain conditions in which the stomach makes too much acid, it is taken twice a day. The nonprescription delayed-release capsules and tablets are usually taken once a day in the morning at least 1 hour before eating for 14 days in a row. If needed, additional 14-day treatments may be repeated, not more often than once every 4 months.

    Take esomeprazole at around the same time every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take esomeprazole exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than or for a longer period of time than prescribed by your doctor or stated on the package.

    The granules and the contents of the prescription delayed-release capsules can both be given through a feeding tube. If you have a feeding tube, ask your doctor or pharmacist how you should take the medication. Follow those directions carefully.

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