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What To Do If Heartburn Persists

How To Get Rid Of Indigestion At Night

How do you treat heartburn that won’t go away?

If you eat dinner too fast or choose foods that are too greasy, fatty, or spicy, you may suffer from indigestion in the evening. Consuming a lot of alcohol at night can also cause stomach inflammation, which may lead to symptoms of indigestion like heartburn, upper abdominal pain, or nausea.

To get rid of indigestion at night, you should keep the head of your bed elevated, avoid late night meals or eating within two hours of bedtime, avoid exercise before bedtime, avoid a night cap , and no smoking before bedtime, Dr. Tharakan advises.

Other ways to fix indigestion at night include:

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Response To Proton Pump Inhibitors

Response to PPIs remains one of the most specific predictors of GERD and is useful in the primary care setting. The PPI test consists of measuring the symptomatic response to a 12-week course of a high-dose PPI in patients with GERD symptoms. The rationale for a high-dose PPI is the need to suppress gastric acid secretion and heal erosive oesophagitis.

There is a lack of consensus on the definition of a PPI non-responder. The dose of PPIs and duration of treatment required to fulfil the criteria is not well defined, varying from single to double dose, and ranging from 812 weeks, respectively. Sifrim and Zerbib defined refractory GERD as heartburn and/or regurgitation symptoms occurring at least three times per week despite a stable double dose of PPI, during a treatment period of at least 12 weeks. In a prospective study of 544 patients with typical GERD symptoms, a 75% symptom response to a double dose of PPIs of one weeks duration showed a sensitivity of 96.5% and specificity of 34.6% for a diagnosis of GERD.

C Make All The Necessary Lifestyle Changes

There are many things you can do besides maintaining a healthy BMI and following a GERD friendly diet. Here is a short list of recommendations you should consider:

  • Avoid alcohol
  • If you smoke, stop immediately
  • Leave at least 3 hours between your final meal and bedtime
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Walk for 20 minutes after a major meal to aid digestion
  • Try eating 5 or 6 small meals daily

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What Kinds Of Complications Are Caused By Frequent Heartburn

  • Excess stomach acid in the esophagus can cause ulcers, damage to the inner layers of the esophageal wall, and narrowing .
  • Very rarely, the esophagus may bleed or tear completely because it is so damaged. In severe cases, a person may vomit blood or have small amounts of blood in bowel movements, found only on testing the stool.
  • Regurgitated stomach acid can damage the respiratory tract, causing asthma, hoarseness, chronic cough, sore throat, or tooth damage . A person may feel as if he or she has a lump in the throat.
  • If the acid exposure continues for long periods of time, the esophagus becomes thick and damaged. A person may then have difficulty swallowing and food becomes stuck.

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Could Heartburn Or Gallstones Be Causing You Pain After Eating

By James Kimbaris, MD, GastroenterologistVirtua Gastroenterology

Theres nothing worse than enjoying a great, delicious meal and then feeling sick soon after eating.

When the digestive system isnt working well, issues can arise after you eat that cause pain and discomfort. The most common problems are gastroesophageal reflux disease and biliary colic .

Check out the symptoms and find out if its time to see a gastroenterologist.

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Will Heartburn Go Away On Its Own

For many people, occasional heartburn is common. By watching what you eat and avoiding certain triggers , you may be able to prevent heartburn or manage it. If you find that you frequently experience heartburn and that it keeps getting worse, it could be a sign of a medical condition like GERD. In these cases, your heartburn will not go away without treatment. Talk to your healthcare provider so that you can develop a treatment plan.

Bringing The Good Fight To A Bad Cancer

Established in 2001 by a group of friends who lost a friend to this cancer, the OCF has made huge strides towards tackling this disease. The impressive work in this area is already bearing fruit and survival rates in Ireland have almost doubled in the last 20 years, according to a report in The Lancet Oncology.

The actions started by the OCF are truly making a significant difference nationally through raising awareness, encouraging prevention strategies and early diagnosis, working to improve cure rates, enhancing recovery of quality of life, and optimising survivorship, adds Professor Reynolds.

As a cancer surgeon and researcher, I cannot thank enough Noelle Ryan and all in OCF for what they have achieved for patients with oesophageal cancer, both in clinical care and in research awareness, over almost 20 years, and to thank all who have supported the OCF through their generous fundraising.

Fundraising through annual initiatives like Lollipop Day have been vital and work with the National Barretts Oesophagus Registry is helping experts to understand this cancer, identify those at risk and get early treatment for those who are unlucky enough to get cancer.

The biggest thing is that they have been able to do, through the funds raised for years now through Lollipop Day, is to channel most of that funding into projects that are aimed towards prevention or early diagnosis, or improved cure rates for cancer. This approach has an enormous impact.

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So How Long Does Heartburn Last

Sadly, its difficult to say how long your heartburn is going to last, as this depends on each individual. For some it goes away after a few minutes, and with others it can stick around for hours or even days.

If youre experiencing the milder form of this condition that usually occurs after eating certain foods, then your heartburn symptoms can last until your body has digested the meal. The symptoms can also return when you lie down or bend over, as this puts extra pressure on the sphincter muscle.

If youre not among the lucky ones who only get heartburn during the day, you might be wondering how long heartburn can last at night. This form is known to be the most painful, and can even keep you up the whole night, and its also the most dangerous, since the stomach acid can stay in your oesophagus for longer, causing more damage to it. Night-time heartburn can also point to a more serious underlying medical condition, one that should be checked by a doctor.

Soothe Indigestion And Bloating With Over

Pregnancy Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms, and Foods that Help

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When heartburn or acid indigestion strikes, you need something that settles your stomach ASAP. Its no fun to walk around feeling like you have your own personal fire-breathing dragon raging in your esophagus, and its even less fun to battle the burn while trying to work, exercise, drive through rush hour traffic, or sleep.

If youre prone to bouts of GI distress, its smart to have a reliable over-the-counter antacid on hand that can provide quick relief. Why? Because these medications can decrease the amount of stomach acid you produce, says University of Missouri Health Care gastroenterologist Yezaz Ghouri, MD.

The stomach normally produces hydrochloric acid to help digest food and kill bacteria or other organisms that may have been ingested along with the food, Dr. Ghouri explains. When there is an overproduction of the acid, it can lead to stomach discomfort.

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Is It A Gallbladder Attack

Gallbladder attacks are another common digestive problem, and the culprit behind them is gallstones. These “stones” are mostly hardened cholesterol that create painful blockages in the gallbladder. The attacks usually occur after eating a fatty meal, and they can last for hours.

Gallbladder attack symptoms include pain on the right or center of the belly areausually under the rib cage or shoulder bladethat may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever. If you experience these symptoms, call your doctor right away.

If the pain is severe and persists for several hours, go to the nearest emergency room because, in a worst-case scenario, the gallbladder could rupture.

Surgery often is required to remove the stones and gallbladder to prevent future attacks. The procedure, called a cholecystectomy, often is minimally invasive and performed through a few small incisions.

How And When To Take Gaviscon

Youâll usually take Gaviscon tablets and liquid up to 4 times a day. Itâs best to take it after meals and at bedtime. This is usually when the pain and discomfort is at its worst. But if your doctor has prescribed Gaviscon, take it when they tell you to.

Chew the tablets, do not swallow them whole. Itâs best to have a drink afterwards.

Mix Gaviscon powder with cool, boiled water or formula milk.

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Adjust Your Sleep Position

Elevating your head and chest higher than your feet as you sleep can help prevent and ease acid reflux and heartburn. You can do this using a foam wedge placed under the mattress or by raising bedposts using wood blocks. Beware of piling pillows, as this usually isn’t effective and may even make your symptoms worse. Additionally, sleeping on your left side is thought to aid digestion and may work to limit stomach acid reflux.

Are There Ways To Prevent Heartburn

Changing what you eat and the way you eat may mean youre less likely to get heartburn in future. As well as eating a balanced diet to help to prevent digestive issues, try the following:

  • eat smaller, more frequent meals
  • cut down on fatty or fried foods, which are harder to digest
  • eat lean meat and fish, as theyre lower in fat
  • eat high-fibre foods, such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, fruit and vegetables, beans and oats
  • drink plenty of water to help your digestion
  • cut down on tea, coffee and colas, as caffeine can trigger heartburn

Making some simple lifestyle changes can also help prevent heartburn. Things to try include:

  • losing weight if you are overweight
  • avoiding stress, if you can, and making time for relaxation
  • stopping smoking
  • not lying down for at least 3 hours after eating

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Try Baking Soda And Lemon Water

Another natural way to cure heartburn quickly is to make a mixture of baking soda and lemon with water.

  • Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice in a warm cup of water
  • Drink it
  • Lemons contain limonene which dilutes the acid in your stomach. The bicarbonates in baking soda will also reduce the action of acid. Alternatively you can skip the baking soda and just squeeze lemon juice into a warm water and drink. The baking soda just gives it some extra punch.

    If you are consistently getting Heartburn, you should see a doctor at once. If all these tips on getting rid of heartburn fail, a more aggressive treatment may be needed.

    Questions Your Doctor May Ask You

    During your appointment, your doctor may ask the following questions to better inform the diagnosis of GERD:

    • Have you been experiencing constant heartburn?
    • Are you regurgitating any of your stomach contents?
    • Do you have pain in the middle or upper part of your stomach?
    • Have you been nauseous?
    • Have you been falling asleep shortly after eating?

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    Antacids For Treating Heartburn

    • aluminum hydroxide and magnesium carbonate
    • aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide
    • calcium carbonate
    • calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide
    • simethicone

    Potential side effects of single active ingredient antacids include and diarrhea. The AAFP advises using an antacid that contains both aluminum and magnesium to counteract the potential side effects of antacids containing a single active ingredient.

    Side Effects Of Antacids

    What is GERD?

    Side effects from antacids are rare. However, they can occur, even when you use them according to the directions.

    Antacids can either cause constipation or have a laxative effect. Some people have had allergic reactions. Antacids might also increase the risk of developing sensitivities to certain foods.

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    Can Heartburn Last For Days

    Usually, the symptoms last for an hour or 2 depending on the cause of the heartburn.

    Not so severe heartburn after consuming a spicy and heavy meal is normal and will end when the food is digested.

    Heartburn may also occur again after hours from the time it first appeared when one lies down or bends.

    However, if the heartburn is common and appears a few times a week then its the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease and this is the condition for your when to see gastroenterologist question.

    Are There Any Other Natural Treatments For Heartburn

    Melatonin, a supplement used to aid sleep, has been suggested to help relieve heartburn. But the research is conflicting as to whether it is effective for this or any other gastrointestinal symptoms.

    Before you decide to take any herbal remedy or supplement, check with your doctor. Some supplements can have side effects or can interact with medications youre already taking.

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    When Should I Call My Doctor About My Heartburn

    Even though heartburn is common, it can sometimes lead to more serious health problems. Severe, chronic heartburn has been linked to inflammation and narrowing of the esophagus, respiratory problems, chronic cough, GERD, and Barretts esophagus, which may lead to esophageal cancer.

    You should contact your doctor if:

    • Your heartburn wont go away.
    • Your heartburn symptoms become more severe or frequent.
    • Its hard or hurts to swallow.
    • Your heartburn causes you to vomit.
    • You have had substantial, unexpected weight loss.
    • You take over-the-counter antacids for more than two weeks and you still have heartburn symptoms.
    • You have heartburn symptoms even after taking prescription medicines.
    • You have serious hoarseness or wheezing.
    • Your discomfort interferes with your lifestyle or daily activities.

    Avoid Tight Fitting Clothes

    Things cinched tightly about your waist or middle can worsen heartburn. If you have super tight jeans on, when you sit down, the waistband is going to sink into your abdomen region. Same goes for tight belts-and even shirts can be a problem for some. This is because all of the above puts extra pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, which make it more likely stomach contents, will push through and youll experience reflux.

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    Home Remedies For Heartburn: 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

    Despite what its name implies, heartburn has nothing to do with your heart.

    Rather, it’s a burning sensation in your chest that occurs when stomach acid backs up into your esophagus, the 10-inch tube connecting your mouth to your stomach.

    When it hits, heartburn can last for just a few minutes or as long as several hours. Either way, it’s uncomfortable so it’s no surprise if you’re looking for a way to get rid of the sensation fast.

    Whats The Link Between Barretts Oesophagus And Oesophageal Cancer

    Barretts oesophagus is just a change in the lining of the oesophagus that happens in some patients who have chronic reflux and heartburn over many years, particularly if its bad, explains Professor Reynolds.

    The lining actually changes to protect the patient from a lot of the symptoms. Its an adaptive thing but that type of lining is something that can become cancerous in about one in 20 with the diagnosis. So, the vast majority of people who have Barretts oesophagus never get cancer. This is important as many will be worried. Our job is really to reassure them, and manage those that are at higher risk of progressing to cancer.

    The OCF has contributed 1.8million in funding to oesophageal cancer research initiatives, such as the establishment of Irelands first National Barretts Oesophagus Registry and Bio Bank. This is a vital step in understanding and tackling this cancer, developing strategies to both prevent the cancer, diagnosing it early where it occurs, and curing it with relatively simple new treatments.

    Studying patients with Barretts oesophagus offers invaluable insights into how this cancer develops and the associated risk factors. It also helps to continuously monitor those who register for any signs of cancer.

    Because thats the only visible target for this cancer, a lot of the effort and the focus of the OCF in terms of research has been identifying patients with Barretts oesophagus with the National Barretts Oesophagus Registry.

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    Side Effects From Misuse

    Many of the side effects of antacids come from not taking them as directed.

    Many antacids including Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids and Tums contain calcium. If you take too much or take them for longer than directed, you could get an overdose of calcium. Too much calcium can cause:

    Excess calcium can also lead to alkalosis. In this condition, your body doesnt make enough acid to function properly.

    If you feel like you need to use a lot of an antacid for relief, that might be a sign of another condition. If youve taken an antacid according to the directions and havent gotten relief, talk to your doctor.

    Antacids can interfere with the function of other drugs. If you take other medications, check with your doctor or pharmacist before using antacids.

    Some antacids, such as Alka-Seltzer, contain aspirin. The Food and Drug Administration issued a safety alert about this type of antacid in June 2016. This alert was issued because of reports of serious bleeding related to aspirin-containing antacids.

    If you take another medication that increases your risk of bleeding, such as an anticoagulant or antiplatelet drug, you shouldnt take these antacids.

    Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking aspirin-containing antacids if you: