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Why Do Pregnant Women Get Heartburn

Treating Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy

Unfortunately, heartburn is one of those symptoms that can occur even when you take all the right steps to avoid it. When this happens, there are some doctor-approved at-home and over-the-counter options for relief. These include:

  • Eating yogurt or drinking milk
  • Nonprescription heartburn relievers
  • Antacids
  • H-2 blockers

What Helps With Acid Reflux While Pregnant

Here are proven tips to help you cool the burn and make you feel comfortable during pregnancy.

  • Avoid acidic, fatty, and spicy food.

You are already experiencing acid reflux, and don’t need food that makes your stomach more acidic or slows down your digestion.

Avoiding foods such as citrus, chocolates, caffeine, onions, and fried fatty food while pregnant can help with heartburn

  • Do not overeat.

Rather eat small frequent meals to allow your stomach to empty before the next meal. Overeating put much pressure on the lower esophageal muscle making it open. When it opens, the acid finds its way to the esophagus, causing heartburn. Avoiding large meals, therefore, lowers your chances of having an acid reflux

  • Take advantage of gravity

Studies show that gravity help with heartburn by making food stay put. Therefore, sit up straight during meals. Also, prop up yourself during sleep with a pillow under your shoulder. Placing blocks underneath the legs of your bed can also help.

  • Avoid Smoking

Smoking during pregnancy can harm you and your child. The chemical you consume while smoking relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter allowing your stomach to spill up acid and undigested foods leading to heartburn.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol worsens the symptoms by triggering the relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter and aggregating the stomach acid. Excess intake of alcohol makes your heartburn.

  • Avoid tight clothes
  • Sleep 3 hours after a meal
  • Antacids

How Can I Prevent Pregnancy Heartburn

The best course of action is to try to prevent the heartburn from occurring in the first place. So, eat smaller meals and avoid fatty foods, carbonated beverages, caffeine, acidic foods and spicy foods. This will help decrease the amount of acid in your stomach, explains Selk. Citrus fruits like oranges can also bring on the burn, but they offer valuable folic acid, so instead of cutting them out entirely, try a low-acid orange juice and drink it after youve had cereal or toast to help absorb the stomach acid. And during meals, skip beveragesit can decrease the effectiveness of gastric juices, says Martin. In addition to adjusting what you eat, Martin suggests taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of water once a day to try to increase the effectiveness of your gastric juices. And keep in mind that laying down after eating can make heartburn worse Martin suggests not eating after 7 p.m., as it might make going to bed uncomfortable. Natural cures for common pregnancy symptoms

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How To Prevent Heartburn

Knowing how common heartburn during pregnancy is can be discouraging, however, there are some steps you can take to help prevent it!

Dietary changes

Making some changes to your diet and eating habits can go a long way in preventing heartburn. Instead of eating three large meals, try eating several smaller meals throughout the day. This helps reduce the work your digestive tract has to do and gives your body time to process. Try to avoid any spicy, fried, and fatty foods, as well as citrus fruits and juices.

You should try to eat slower than usual, as well as avoid drinking during meals, and only drink in between meals instead.

Lifestyle changes

Pay attention to your posture when youre eating always sit up straight and avoid laying down immediately after finishing meals. You should also avoid eating late at night and try to elevate your shoulders, neck, and head when you go to sleep.

When To Get Help

3 Ways to Get Rid of Heartburn when Pregnant

While heartburn is fairly common and symptoms are normally mild and manageable, you need to watch out for symptoms that its getting worse. Make sure to seek the help of your physician when you have difficulty eating or keeping food down, are having severe stomach pain, and weight loss. According to Stanford Health, you also need to contact your doctor immediately if you start spitting up blood or having dark-colored bowel movements which could be a sign that there is bleeding in the digestive tract.

Heartburn caused by pregnancy hormones and the growing baby in the uterus usually goes away soon after delivery.

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What To Drink For Heartburn During Pregnancy

If youre wondering what to drink when expecting a baby and plagued by indigestion, there are many beverages that you can sip on throughout the day for relief.

  • Milk. The alkaline composition of milk including cows milk and nut milks can provide immediate relief from heartburn. Just stay away from milk that is high in fat, as fatty foods can cause even worse heartburn.
  • Coconut water. Coconut water is very high in electrolytes which promote pH balance and help to neutralize stomach acid.
  • Herbal tea. Ginger, fennel, peppermint, and marshmallow root are all heartburn remedies that can be found in tea form. Sip on herbal tea in between meals to prevent or relieve heartburn.
  • Water. Thats right good old water. Sip on it throughout the day to make sure that you stay hydrated so that your digestive system can work as efficiently as possible without any hitches in the form of indigestion.

Avoid beverages that may exacerbate symptoms include caffeinated drinks such as coffee or green, white and black tea, carbonated drinks, and acidic drinks such as orange juice.

When Should I Talk To My Doctor

If you have heartburn that often wakes you up at night, returns as soon as your antacid wears off, or creates other symptoms , you may have a more serious problem that requires attention.

Your doctor may diagnose you with GERD. This means that your heartburn needs to be controlled to protect you from complications such as damage to the esophagus.

Your doctor may prescribe certain acid-reducing medications to reduce your symptoms. Research indicates that medications called H2 blockers, which help block the production of acid, appear to be safe.

Another type of medication, called proton pump inhibitors, is used for people with heartburn that doesnt respond to other treatments.

If youre concerned about the effects of medications, be sure to talk to your doctor. Doctors can help you control your symptoms while keeping your unborn child safe.

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When Can I Expect The Heartburn To End During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, heartburn is a symptom you’re likely to experience throughout your entire pregnancy if you have it at all.

In fact, even if you escaped indigestion early on in your pregnancy, there’s a good chance you’ll have a surge starting around the second or third trimesters, when your uterus takes over your abdominal cavity and forces your stomach upwards.

Fortunately, the burn should clear up as soon as you give birth.

Was It Something I Ate

True or false? My baby will have a full head of hair if I have heartburn during pregnancy?

You expected the swollen ankles, the morning sickness, and the burgeoning breasts. But this burning indigestion? Whered that come from?

As the name implies, heartburn feels like a fiery churning that starts behind your breastbone and travels up your esophagus, a tube connecting your throat to your stomach. These acids can even make it all the way up your throat.

In addition to feeling a burning sensation which can last several minutes to several hours you may also:

  • feel bloated
  • have a sour taste in your mouth
  • have a sore throat
  • cough frequently

While the burrito you ate for dinner probably didnt help matters , the burning feeling you have has more to do with hormones than jalapenos.

45 percent of moms-to-be experience heartburn. And if you had heartburn before pregnancy, youre even more likely to have it during.

Heartburn can fire up, so to speak, at any point in pregnancy, but its most common during the second and third trimesters. Experts arent exactly sure what causes the smoldering, but they suspect its a three-pronged problem.

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Why Do Pregnant Women Get Heartburn

Why it affects pregnant women more than any other group, what can cause heartburn to get worst as your gestational age increases, and of course, how to help stop even the worst pregnancy heartburn, and even a pregnancy product called NoMo Nausea that instantly stops pregnancy induced acid reflux all coming up in this blog.

What Can I Eat That Wont Give Me Heartburn While Pregnant

Soups, smoothies, yogurt, milkshakes, protein shakes, and puddings are good choices. Look for liquids that offer plenty of protein, such as milk and drinkable yogurt, and aim to make solids a little less so: chew solid foods slowly and extremely well, until theyre almost liquefied, Brandeis adds.

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Prevention Of Heartburn During Pregnancy

Some tips that may help you cut down on heartburn during your pregnancy include:

  • Eat several small meals each day instead of three large ones.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Avoid fried, spicy, or rich foods or any foods that seem to cause relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter and increase the risk of heartburn.
  • DonĂ¢t smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, which can make heartburn symptoms worse.
  • Drink less while eating. Drinking large amounts while eating may increase the risk of acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Don’t lie down directly after eating.
  • Keep the head of your bed higher than the foot of your bed. Or place pillows under your shoulders to help prevent stomach acids from rising into your esophagus.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing. Tight-fitting clothes can increase the pressure on your stomach and abdomen.
  • Try to avoid constipation.

Talk To Your Doctor About Heartburn Medications

Heartburn during pregnancy: Causes and home remedies for ...

This includes over-the-counter ones some are safe to take during pregnancy.

Antacids help neutralize the acid in your stomach and quell that burning sensation. The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health says OTC antacids containing calcium carbonate are safe to use.

If you havent been able to quiet your heartburn with lifestyle changes, your doctor may suggest heartburn drugs like Tagamet and Prilosec, which are generally considered safe during pregnancy. While these drugs are available OTC, you might receive a prescription for a stronger dose if your doctor thinks its warranted.

When youre pregnant, you have to think about the safety of everything you put into and on your body. Some heartburn medications that might be OK for your nonpregnant sister but not for you include:

  • Antacids containing sodium bicarbonate, which can increase swelling.
  • Antacids containing aspirin, which can be toxic to your baby. Aspirin use during pregnancy has been associated with pregnancy loss, heart defects, and bleeding on the brain in premature infants.
  • Antacids containing magnesium trisilicate, which havent been proven safe to use in pregnancy.

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What Causes Heartburn In Women

Fact Checked

Heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus — the muscular tube that allows food to travel from the mouth to the stomach. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, more than 60 million people experience heartburn, also called acid reflux, at least once per month. Symptoms of acid reflux vary, but typically include a burning sensation in the chest. While anyone can experience heartburn, several factors specifically increase women’s risk of the condition.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Change Your Eating And Drinking Habits

You may be able to control your indigestion with changes to your eating habits.

It can help to eat small meals often, rather than larger meals 3 times a day, and to not eat within 3 hours of going to bed at night.

Cutting down on drinks containing caffeine, and foods that are rich, spicy or fatty, can also ease symptoms.

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Why Do Pregnant Women Get Heartburn And How To Treat It

With regards to perceiving early indications of pregnancy, each lady is unique and there will be different markers some time before any visual affirmation. One of these expected indications of early pregnancy is acid reflux and heartburn.

For what reason Do Pregnant Women Get Heartburn?

At the point when a lady becomes pregnant, the degrees of progesterone in her body rise and stay raised for the duration. These expanded degrees of progesterone bring about the unwinding of the stomach valve driving back to the throat, permitting an expanded measure of stomach corrosive to enter the throat and in this way creating that consuming uproar we as a whole partner with indigestion.

These extra chemicals because of pregnancy additionally cause a lady’s assimilation to ease back to permit her body and the child’s to retain more nutrients. This can likewise bring about food waiting in the stomach longer than ordinary, causing expanded stomach tumult and indigestion, a side effect that is just exacerbated by the developing belly swarming the mid-region.

Is Heartburn a Sign of Early Pregnancy?

There are numerous conceivable early indications of a fresh out of the box new pregnancy yet none are an assurance that a lady is presently anticipating. Notwithstanding, indigestion could be an indication of early pregnancy, particularly for a lady who is aware of no other contributing variables.

When Does Heartburn Start in Pregnancy?

What Does Heartburn Feel Like When Pregnant?

Avoiding Indigestion And Heartburn

Heartburn During Pregnancy

If your symptoms are mild, it’s possible that changes to your diet or lifestyle may help prevent indigestion and heartburn. You could try:

  • eating smaller meals, more often
  • avoiding eating just before bed
  • avoiding foods and drinks that you suspect give you heartburn
  • not drinking a lot of coffee at the end of the day
  • avoiding eating and drinking at the same time, which can make your stomach more full
  • sitting up straight while eating, and not lying down after a meal
  • chewing gum, which may cause you to produce more saliva to help neutralise the acid
  • stop smoking
  • raise the head of your bed by 10 to 15cm
  • sleep on your left side

If your indigestion is not helped by diet and lifestyle changes, or your symptoms are more severe, your doctor or midwife may suggest that you take a medicine for indigestion that is safe to use during pregnancy. Medicines can neutralise the acid in your stomach, reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach and stop the acid rising into your oesophagus.

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Why Does Water Give Me Heartburn

Heartburn occurs when stomach acid, and food mixture comes up into the esophagus, the tube connecting the mouth to the stomach. Ordinarily, the lower esophageal sphincter prevents the stomach contents from entering the esophagus from the stomach, so that the acidic contents do not irritate the esophagus. Note that the LES and the stomach are equipped to withstand the acid unlike the esophagus.

When swallowing, the LES opens to let food or drink into the stomach. It may also open briefly when pressure builds in the stomach due to trapped gas, as happens when you belch. It could also open if your stomach is too full, or there is excess pressure due to tight clothing around the waist. In such instances, the acidic content may get into the esophagus, and cause some pain or discomfort.

But why does water give me heartburn? This can happen due to the following:

The average human stomach is the size of a clenched fist, whose capacity is about 900 ml . However, the stomach stretches to accommodate more content, although this is not advisable because it leads to a stuffed feeling.

Causes Of Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn in pregnancy may happen because of changing hormone levels, which can affect the muscles of the digestive tract and how your body handles different foods.

Pregnancy hormones can cause your lower esophageal sphincter to relax, allowing stomach acids to flow back up into your esophagus. Also, as your baby grows, your enlarged uterus can crowd the abdomen, pushing stomach acids upward. Although it’s rare, gallstones can also cause heartburn during pregnancy.

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Which Diet And Lifestyle Changes Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy

The management of heartburn during pregnancy involves many of the same principles as management in the non-pregnant state. Lifestyle changes may include:

  • Raise the head of the bed on 6- to 8-inch blocks. Alternatively, a 6- to 8-inch wedge-shaped foam rubber pad could be used to elevate the upper body. It is important the foam is firm enough to truly elevate the upper body. The wedge should also extend all the way to the waist so the entire chest is elevated.
  • Lying on the left side at night may decrease acid reflux just as it does in non-pregnant women with GERD. In this position, it is physically more difficult for acid to reflux into the esophagus.
  • Occasionally, it may be necessary to sleep in a recliner chair at a 45-degree or greater angle.
  • Any specific foods that aggravate heartburn should be avoided
  • Frequent, small meals should be eaten rather than three large meals, and the last meal of the day should be early in the evening.
  • After meals, pregnant women are prone to heartburn should not lie down.
  • After the evening meal, no further liquids should be consumed. The emptier the stomach at bedtime, the less likely there will be reflux of acid.
  • Smoking should be discontinued for numerous reasons during pregnancy, including that it aggravates reflux.
  • What Is Heartburn

    Heartburn During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes &  Remedies

    Heartburn is when you have a burning feeling in your chest. The uncomfortable sensation can move up your throat. You may also have a bitter or sour taste in the back of your throat.

    Though its called heartburn, its not related to your heart. It happens because of acid reflux, which occurs when stomach acid moves from your stomach up to your esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that carries food, liquid and saliva to your stomach.

    A muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter sits between the esophagus and stomach. It opens to allow food to pass, then closes so acid doesnt travel back up your esophagus. But if the LES doesnt close properly, the acid can move into your esophagus, causing heartburn.

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